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QDE-950-4-Modbus-RFID-NFC-Leser-Lesegerät-Ladesäulen freischalten

In a housing with IP65

RFID, NFC, Modbus reader with and without keyboard

QDE-ABCM6 Modul-platzsparend einzubauen-kompakt-individuell programmierbar-HID-Version-RFID

Built-in antenna modules

Board modules with integrated antenna for installation

Suitable accessories such as RFID keyfobs, LED cards, blocking cards

Suitable solutions for the requirements in the field of electric mobility

Comprehensive use of electromobility is only sustainable if a well thought-out charging infrastructure in the catchment area of the user
is present. As the number of electric cars sold increases, so does the need for charging facilities and electricity filling stations. E-charging columns or wallboxes enable uncomplicated and convenient charging.

If the charging station is not only used privately for recharging at home, reliable user identification on the charging station is necessary. This is the only way to ensure consumption billing, access restrictions, charging prioritisation or controlled activation of the charging facility.

With our RFID & NFC technology, these requirements can be easily and reliably ensured.  The identification of the user at the charging station is carried out by means of an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) or NFC (Near Field Communication) transponder. This can be e.g. a card or a key fob. A wide range of data can be stored on this transponder before use, which can be used for documentation purposes when the user is identified at the charging station. Here too, we offer you the right equipment: a wide variety of designs and design variants are available, with which you can leave a lasting impression and achieve recognition value. Different security and encryption levels can be selected depending on the area of application.

Our RFID readers support various protocols and interfaces. From USB connection via RS232 interface up to the Modbus-RTU protocol, we can offer you individual solutions.

Our RFID devices also adapt to your requirements when programming: The software can be programmed individually, we will gladly provide you with an SDK free of charge upon request. If you do not want this, we can fall back on a wide range of existing software and firmware solutions.

Our devices are even easier to use in the HID version: Here we work on the basis of “Plug & Play” and the device processes data inputs like a classic keyboard input.

We would be happy to advise you on which RFID or NFC solution suits your individual e-charging station and application.

We are an innovative company with many years of experience in RFID & NFC. Especially in the field of electric mobility / e-charging / e-mobility we have extensive expertise.
We will find the right solution for you!

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