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Suitable RFID solutions for the requirements in the field of electromobility

The use of electromobility on a broad scale is only sustainable in the long term if a well thought-out charging infrastructure is also available in the user’s catchment area. With the rapidly increasing number of electric vehicles, the need for charging facilities and charging stations is also rising. With a sufficient number of e-charging stations and wallboxes, charging can be uncomplicated and convenient.
As soon as the e-charging station is not located on private property or is not provided solely for private use, reliable identification of the user is necessary. This is the only way to protect the charging station from unauthorized use on the one hand, and on the other hand to specifically assign and bill charging processes.

User identification at the charging station can be solved simply and reliably using our RFID technology. For this purpose, an RFID or NFC reader is attached to the charging station, which handles the identification and / or the payment process. For space-saving retrofitting, we also offer small RFID installation modules such as the MDE-ABCM6 module, which can be invisibly integrated into existing charging station applications.

The activation of a charging process can be done in different ways depending on the selected RFID reader:

Activation of the charging station by means of RFID / NFC transponder: each user receives an RFID transponder from you, for example an RFID card or an RFID key fob. Various data can be stored on this RFID transponder before use, which can be used for later documentation. New transponders can be added via the system or easily learned by holding a “master card” on the device.
Here, too, we offer the appropriate equipment: We provide you with high-quality cards and key fobs that can be individually designed according to your wishes. In this way, you achieve a lasting impression with your users and create a concise recognition value in the market. In addition to classic ABS key fobs, we also have RFID key fobs made of sewn leather in our program, for example, which additionally emphasize the high-quality and modern impression of a charging station or wallbox. Of course, different security and encryption levels can be selected depending on the requirements.
Activation of the charging process via a PIN code: With the MDE-960 RFID reader, you can serve several user groups at once: Regular users, who have an RFID transponder, and irregular users or guests: these simply receive a PIN code from you, type it in on the device and thus easily activate the electric charging process. If a regular user forgets his RFID transponder, he can still use the charging station via the PIN option. Depending on the security requirements, it is of course also possible to activate the charging station by entering the PIN in combination with the presentation of a transponder.
Activation of the e-charging station via the payment terminal: As an alternative to RFID transponders and PIN codes, charging processes can also be enabled directly via a payment terminal. For this purpose, the customer uses, for example, his MasterCard or Visa card to activate the charging process.
The programming options are just as diverse as the activation options. All our RFID readers support a wide range of protocols and interfaces. From USB connection via RS232 interface to Modbus RTU protocol for industrial applications, we can offer you individual solutions. The software can be programmed individually so that the programming optimally fits your requirements. On request, we will gladly provide you with our SDK (Software Development Kit) free of charge. If you do not want to program yourself, we offer a wide range of existing firmware solutions. Our devices with HID version are even easier to use: Based on “Plug & Play”, the device then processes a data input like a classic keyboard input.

We will be happy to advise you on which RFID reader or NFC solution is best suited to your application or charging solution. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you!

As an expert for RFID solutions, our employees have many years of experience in the field of RFID & NFC. Especially in the field of electromobility / e-charging / e-mobility we have extensive expertise and our devices are used worldwide. Let us advise you, together we will find the right solution for you!